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Ever since seeing the long awaited sequel to Tron, Mitch never thought much about the movie. Mainly thinking of it as a meh sequel to the franchise. But there was one unique thing the movie had going, Olivia Wilde was indeed hott as hell. He would be the luckiest guy in the world to have her around his arm, and maybe in bed too. But that was only a dream and this was reality.
Today Mitch had a full day ahead for him as his Prof. was finally gonna allow him to work on the miniature reactor with him. For years Mitch had been asking and begging the Prof. for a chance to work exclusively on this, but tonight maybe should not have been the night. One screw up could jeopardize the experiment and with that being said Mitch was caught in a small explosion from the reactor.  (OOPS)

When he came too, he found that he was okay, sort of. It seemed he was pulled from his original body and was now floating around as a wandering soul. For weeks his body was kept in the university emergency room with around the clock care, he would be standing there watching over it both stressed and depressed that he had basically died. He would try many times to return to his body but was always rejected. It was not until sometime later that he discovered that he could at will, possess many objects in an area and move them around. It would cause others to freak out seeing things moving on there and Mitch was having so much fun with it.

Possessing objects around his hometown and freaking people out all over was fun and all, but Mitch wanted to go even bigger. He would then travel the world and prank people all over. Sometimes he would get to random women undress infront of him. Since he could go anywhere now, he would soar across the globe and find the one woman he could walk around without her notice.

Soaring through the clouds, he finally found her house and made his way through the walls and there she was - Olivia Wilde. Just mindlessly walking around, never noticing that Mitch was right next to her. Mitch would sitdown on her couch and watch as she did her what seemed like her morning workout or something. Relaxing over her couch, she then walked over to the couch and it looked like she was gonna sitdown or something. Not moving, Mitch decided to let her take a seat on him. This was gonna be awesome. As soon as Olivia started to fall into the couch she suddenly vanished out of thin air. Confused at how she could have just disappeared like that he rose up from the couch, but something did not feel right about his body. While weightless in his ghost form, he suddenly felt weight, namely around his chest. Looking down he saw his chest looked a lil swollen. Freaking out, he fell over the couch. Touching the back of his head, it felt like his hair was longer then it was before he went into his coma. Looking down at his chest again, he placed his hand on one of the swollen whatever this was (but deep down had a feeling he knew) and felt the tip of it. Looking at a mirror directly infront of him leaning against the wall, he would see the image of Olive Wilde fondling one of her breasts. Then Mitch touched the other one on his chest and watched as she did the same and at the exact same pace. It took more of a feel down before Mitch would finally discover that he was in Olivia Wildes body. The hottest woman he could imagine and he had her body, literally. He was Olivia Wilde. Taking off her top, they weren't that big, but she did looked hott naked . This was gonna be an interesting new life to look towards. I hope I can pick better movie roles." Olivia said to herself.

Cap Ver. -
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DISCLAIMER: I do not own the image or images, all rights belong to the owners of said images and are only used for visual aide.

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November 13, 2013
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