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They may not have well received by most of the fanbase, but to Lucas he loved the prequel trilogy of Star Wars. He would watch the whole trilogy more then the original trilogy. Also, Anakin was his fav. character knowing that he was a pre Darth Vader. People would often make fun of him for that matter, but he would often remind them that he was eventually to become the Dark Lord of The Sith. The most awesome character in the franchise to date. He often wished that he could become Anakins partner in the series and dreamed of living in that world of Star Wars.

One day Lucas was on a message board with a couple of folks. They were discussing, again, which series was better. Lucas was still defending that his beloved prequel trilogy is much superior then the one everyone else apparently loves.  
Well if you love it so much why don't you go live in that reality?
Sadly its just a movie and thats like something stretching the lines of fiction dude
Wanna bet - the link to site

Wondering what he was sent, Lucas clicked on it and it popped up with a quick page saying - Now you can stretch the lines of Star Wars Fiction and embrace its reality.

"Wow, thats actually what I wrote and everything." He said to himself. Just type in who you wanna be and it'll happen, just make sure its specif.." And that was all he read before he closed the forum page he was on. "Okay, lets just see what kind of joke this guy was making." Lucas then thought of what he should type in. "Oh wait, I got it." He giggled as he began typing in his note.  

Make me Anakin Skywalkers partner.

"And there." He pressed enter and waiting for something to happen. He waited about 5 secs before a message popped up saying - "Enjoy the New Life."
"Huh?" Then something began to happen. He looked around and watched as everything in his room changed as the walls crumbled around him. A giant hole appeared behind him where the entrance to the hallway of the second floor of his house used to be. But instead of seeing that, he looked out to the wide city scape of Naboo. As everything from his room crumbled and disappeared, Lucas walked over to the balcony and looked over the large city landscape. "Oh my god, I'm here, I'm actually here!" He said with joy.  

Lucas then quickly thought back to what he wrote. "Wait that must mean, oh yes." Thinking that he was now a Jedi and the partner of Anakin, he quickly thought he should get out of here and go on a mission with him. Heading back inside however, he began to feel weird.  

"Must be the effects of being in a new place, or whatever." He said shaking his head. Shaking it some more, his hair began to grow down his face. Feeling the strands hitting his cheeks, he gasped at the sight of his now long locks. "What the, why is my hair so long?!" He said grasping at it. It then began to change from his normal blonde to brown. "What, or who am I turning into?" He wondered as he then began to lose height, becoming shorter as his body weight also decreased almost looking petite. "Now I'm shrinking, whats going...oh god!" He realized then who he was becoming as then his vision became blurry. Removing his glasses to the sight of perfect vision he now had, he looked it his hands were becoming small and dainty.

He could then feel something feel something underneath his shirt. Pulling back the neck, he looked down to see a pair of breasts growing in as he let out a shrill scream. "Holy crap!" He said as he fondled them before reaching down into his pants to feel, not his penis anymore, but the feel of an actual vagina now. "Shit, this means I'm becoming Padme!!" He screamed before his face began to tingle.  

His cheekbones started to realign and change shape. His lips puffed out and his nose shrank. His eyebrows thinned out and his eyes began to change. While finally he could feel a sting in his voice before letting out a high pitch cough. Touching his face all over, it definitely felt odd. Seeing a mirror in her office, Lucas walked over and to his shock, he was now a direct copy of Padme Amidala or in this case, looking like actress Natalie Portman. "How, how the hell did this happen, he said looking her body all over. "I wrote down I wanted to be Anakins partner, this is all wrong!!" He said as he tried slapping herself awake.

Suddenly he felt like he was being squeezed as his clothes began to feel tighter. His now tight pants then exploded and out came a long black silky lower dress. The shirt he was now wearing also began to change as it started to rip around to rip around his neck and between his shoulder blades. Instead of hitting the ground however it circled around his now feminine neck and wrapped around itself before extending down his figure before almost hanging above the floor. The rest of his shirt however was not done changing. His remaining shirt, namely around his arms went down further until stopping at his knuckles and changing material becoming a black leather material arm wraps on both arms. Finally the rest of his shirt became the same material but wrapped itself around his new female form and also lifting her exposed breasts up.  

Finally her hair lifted itself up and wrapped itself in the back of her head. With a random headband appearing as well as makeup applied, Lucas was finally the full real image of Padme.

Looking down at her body, Lucas could not believe the changes that had come over him. He was not only a woman now, but he was now Senator Amidala. "I'm Padme, I'm actually Padme in this world." He said still trying to wrap himself around the situation. At first wanting to be a Jedi, he quickly changed his mood when  he realized how much rule he had over Naboo and the Galactic Senate. So changing things in the Star Wars format could now be an option for her. "This might not be too bad, also I'm a real catch." She said as she posed in the mirror admiring her image. "Maybe even, since Leia became a Jedi (in the comics), whose to stop me from..." The doors to her office were opening when a man walked in. "Senator, the Jedis Kenobi and Skywalker with there debriefing." He said. "Ahh okay, give me one second." She said before he took his leave. "Love this world, but....maybe some changes are needed."
Cap Ver -

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